Alliance features, medal fixing, labs new use

The Xenomorph
The Xenomorph
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I realise some of what I'm going to say has been said many times before, I just want to add to it.

Diplomacy slots, add another 20 for allies, mark them as green fleets. Very simple to implement. However, I would also like to see a feature which covers multiple clans from the same clan. For example, a clan may have five branches. They should all share the same base code, authorised and given by the leader from the main clan. So if any other clan were to add one of these clans as an allly, or indeed as an enemy, it only takes up one diplomacy slot, and would also mark them all the same alloted colour.

With the latter said, all clans sharing that code are in effect the same clan. They should be allowed to share their alliance chat (on or off) between all groups, rather than just singled out in the one branch of clan you happen to be in. Yes group chat can be used, but should not be necessary unless you wanting to add in different clans.

Now, we all know medals are abused. And one way to help combat that is if you are attacking an alliance base, or ally, you may do so if you want, but you will not collect any medals, period. So no offloading medals to lower count players, etc etc. Alts will always be an issue, yet if medals are not awarded to friendly vs friendly, it will make the task harder. I can see a get around in that a player can be kicked temporarily to achieve medal cheating, simply do not allow medal rewards for say a week/few days if just joined a clan. The shared code thing I said earlier, would also apply so different branches of a clan could not be able to swap medals about as medals locked out for in house fighting.

On a separate issue, could the free repair time value be increased to say ten minutes? Would help a lot of players, especially the lower ones. And why can't you put ship repairs into the help feature, so others can speed up your repair as well? Added to that, an increase from the current 10% could be increased up to 20%, so either ten players help is worth 2% each, or twenty players at 1% each..

With the tech labs/arms lab, (buildings doing nothing) could they not be upgraded to research and build their own crafting materials? It does not make sense to keep acquiring crafting drops from fleets, and yet can never seem to understand them or build your own lol. For example, I could exchange cargo/armanents and wait for a core to be built, or a pattern, whatever I choose to research and build, the rarer ones obviously taking up more cargo and longer build time. I don't think it unreasonable to allow this, it means once researched you can specifically build the part you need! You could specify you need to first destroy a fleet that has the part you want to research and build, off your own back and in one hit.
For the latter to be fair, the build of these parts should not be coinable, otherwise players can just abuse it and build anything they want instantly.

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