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Troy Ruhl99
Troy Ruhl99
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Very similar to the Arrestor Beam, but instead of slowing ships down via stasis, the Tractor Beam pulls/redirects the ship.

Range- 3000m
Speed- 3000m/s
Dps- 1-3dps

So we have all these mines, which seem to only be effective in PvP but hardly effective at all against invading AI. The purpose of the Tractor beam is to pull the ship towards the nearest mine and/or within range of a CM. Now as to the speed at which it redirects the enemy ship I'm not sure what would be best, but it would increase with each lvl of the weapon. 

Like I said, similar to the Arrestor Beam but redirects instead of slowing a ship. Definitely open to suggestions as to its capabilities.

Or even something like an EMP weapon. Shoots like the Creeper Torpedo but temporarily  stuns the ship, causing it to float there for like 3-5secs. 
Speed around 300-400m/s, 1dps, range about 4500m.

Rough ideas, but definitely something me and my friends would like to see in the future.
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    Range on the tractor is ****... should be like 7k range

    just existing at this point

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