Is new level 40 challenge base supposed to be easier?

Maciej Mesaj Klimas
Maciej Mesaj Klimas
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edited 3 Sep 2016, 5:29PM
Overloaded with SF, did they mean to make them easier or what?
Tempest everywhere
left line of turrets defended by hunter missile, cant kill hunter with vehicles because overwatch
rail surrounded by anti air,
4 sf loaded bunkers near each other
All air is off, most of ground that would hit floaters also
Quit at Cerberus 2 event, returned before Stormfront.
  • Grimsayer
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    you would think so; but no. :(     what they do is create a new base with more of what they say the player's want make it really tough.  then so you do not go back and stay with the old bases they make them no longer worth the reward? :(     and there hunt for the ellousive coin goes on?:(
    this is me:)
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