**** incrusion Alien Squadrons

Dirt Gee
Dirt Gee
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Heretics are nice and Tanky but to Bypass the Squadrons Fast and Effective........."Creeper Torpedos"

I fount one nearly dead and used my 2 Revs a Tapian and 3 eagles to destroy a ship had nearly no energy but i only had 1:34 repair time usually a fleet cannot get close.

The 2 Revs has 2 lvl 2 Creeper Torpedos this l shielded all the other fleets as well.

I sent the 2 Revs in First then followed with the rest of the fleet im a low level but you high lvls can use this tip (manni) if your listening

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    You got to the carrier that's an chevement it self but you would of been flogged after if it was full health

    Because Illuminati


  • Dirt Gee
    Dirt Gee
    Strike-force Captain
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    Yes some how the creepers kept on killing the squardrons they came out about 3 or 4 times the one rev only had 34 secs damage so i know with these on some big heretics you can possibly keep them shielded. Reason i say heretics because thats what the guy was using when he destroyed nearly the entire fleet!! But thought i would share my knowledge about the creepers

  • kgnmlr2
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    yes i've seen the same thing but with apoc creepers surrounding carrier to kill squads
  • WarDaddy12
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    yes, on my main account I use fully armored zynth V and metaphase or energy diffusers max level with whatever creepers I can stuff onto them after that as shields while I kite them with my vsec carrier I forget the name of. the heretics soak up the damage with all their massive health and their creepers help kill squadrons while my carrier just frags the fack out of the carrier. then I usually run away until it runs out then attack it again or just try to kill all the aliens. killed about 15 alien fleets this way of differing levels.
  • Balls on Fire
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    Anyone try using battleships with volatile fuel 3 and creepers, escorting a carrier? Seems it should the most effective against alien fleets.

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