Couple of Ideas

Mr TopGear
Mr TopGear
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Every event it is the same, kill fleets get loot earn tech. How about something a little different that is persistent and alters the state of the sectors. For example.

Vega launch a purge on all sectors. Players have to unite to fight back the waves of attacks. Planets and sectors can fall to the "enemy" and the rebels have to retake the planets / sectors. Maybe players are forced to relocate if the sector falls and the rebels regroup, then the rebels have to push back and retake the sectors / planets.

Tech is earned by pushing into hostile new enemy territory. Crafting fleets get weaker / stronger depending on sector "state" as vega are unable to keep fielding mk5 ships due to "losses" or get stronger with high morale with victories over the rebels. Repair  / build times alter +/- 10% depending on sector state

Add in a new tech currency that players can use to level up their bases that can only be gained from "playing" the game not buying it. You gain this from combat / farming / events / basing. I can then use these "tokens" to upgrade things on my base. Like mk2 combat modules. Unlock bonuses like resistance / speed / range modifiers. New base defences. i.e shield generators. Nothing can get hit until these are dead. Force players to have to get in to kill them and stop ****

Add in battle rewards for basing and pvp

Add a leveling feature with a new bonus modifier on ships vs faction + class. 

For example: I have a dread. I kill a rebel cruiser. My dread now gains experience in battles vs rebels cruisers and gains experience in it. Eventually it will level and unlock some bonus fighting rebel cruisers
The problem with this game is the power curves. Just look at the graphs I made. Said no vega conflict player ever

  • Destoryer Of Worlds
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    Seems good, so Kixeye will never do it, since they only care about what makes them large amounts of money quickly.
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    @Destoryer Of Worlds said:
    Seems good, so Kixeye will never do it, since they only care about what makes them large amounts of money quickly.

    This idea would make money quick xD who wouldnt want to coin the hell out of taking territory

    just existing at this point

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