Repair All Fleet Tabs for long repairs.....

The Zig-Zag Man
The Zig-Zag Man
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Idea for this would be to just continue fleets tabs as they are repaired, for example, fleet one finishes an if there are damaged ships in fleet 2 the repairs continue to the next fleet tab. then it goes to fleet tab 3 an then 4 an so on. this would not need an extra special tab for a repair grid jus make all the fleets repair in consecutive order allowing players to repair up to 42 ships at a time while gone for the weekend hunting or snowboarding or having a life....lool i mean you play one 5 minute battle an you then repair for half the day or a full day. is stupid high times for repairs still. Please do something to allow more than one fleet set on repair at a time.
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    This sounds really good, I like this idea but i doubt Kixeye would put that in.
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