PvP: Infamy Divisions & Seasons

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Commander! We've just deployed a huge update to the War Commander leaderboards! See where you stand against your enemies across 3 different Leagues, with 3 Divisions each. Hit enemy Commanders to earn Infamy and work your way up to Gold League: Division 1 to earn massive Medal payouts each week! At the end of each month, all Commanders return to the start of their League, giving everyone a fresh start!

Updated Attack & Resource Rules

  • All players level 3+ can be attacked by anyone.
    • Players level 1 and 2 cannot be attacked by players greater than level 3.
    • IE) A player level 45 can attack a level 3 player, but not a level 1 or 2 player.
      • IE) A level 45 attacking is not really going to benefit from attacking a level 3 player.
        • Players cannot steal resources from players 6 levels lower than you or more.
  • Resource Stealing
    • Whenever you destroy any of the following buildings, you steal 40% of the resources in that building (10% of the resources are also destroyed and 50% is retained by the defender).
      • Metal / Oil Producers, Metal / Oil / Thorium Storage, Command Center
    • Players cannot steal resources from players 6 levels lower than you or more.

Infamy Seasons

  • Infamy Divisions is a new ranking system based off players’ Global Leaderboard Rankings. Each Division will have a set Medal Payout associated with it.
    • There are 3 Infamy Divisions: Gold Division, Silver Division, Bronze Division
  • As you participate in PvP, you accumulate an Infamy Score from successful attacks on a player base. This will feed back into your overall Division Ranking.
    • The more Infamy you earn, the higher your Divisional Leaderboard Ranking.
  • Your “player portrait” will receive a unique Divisional Icon based on your Divisional Ranking.
    • This Divisional Icon will also be displayed over your Base on the World Map.
  • Leagues - Monthly Reset
    • Players within a league will be reset to the start of the League Group they are associated with
      • Ex) Silver Players will reset to Division 3 Silver
    • Leagues will reset every 28 days.
  • Infamy Seasons
    • Infamy Seasons will last 3 months.
    • At the end of an Infamy Season all player’s Infamy will be reset to 0.

Season 1 Dates

  • Season 1 lasts from: 09/26/16 to 12/19/16
    • Season 2 Starts on 12/19/16 after the Infamy Reset.
  • League Resets
    • October 24th
    • November 21st

Infamy Leagues & Rewards

While a player is in a league, they have cosmetic modifications in various places that are representative of the league they’re in. The following things are changed based on a player’s league:
  • World Map Icon with League and Rank displayed (Base icon)
  • League and Rank icon next to player’s name (on Platoons on the World Map, on the Base, etc.)
  • A border around the player’s portrait anywhere it appears

  • No League
    • Anyone who has not completed 5 attacks in the week.
      • You must complete 5 attacks in which you earn at least 1 Infamy to earn Medal payouts.
  • Bronze League
    • Division 3 - Under 100 Infamy
      • Awards 10,000 Medals
    • Division 2 - 100+ Infamy
      • Awards 20,000 Medals
    • Division 1 - 300+ Infamy
      • Awards 30,000 Medals
  • Silver League
    • Division 3 - 600+ Infamy
      • Awards 40,000 Medals
    • Division 2 - 1,000+ Infamy
      • Awards 50,000 Medals
    • Division 1 - ,1500+ Infamy
      • Awards 60,000 Medals
  • Gold League
    • Division 3 - 2,100+ Infamy
      • Awards 80,000 Medals
    • Division 2 - 2,800+ Infamy
      • Awards 110,000 Medals
    • Division 1 - 3,600+ Infamy
      • Awards 150,000 Medals

Leaderboard Improvements

  • Global and Sector Infamy Tabs re-designed for a smoother look and functionality.
    • New sorting options available:
      • Sort by Division, Top Rank, or by Your Position

  • Leaderboard Rank
    • Divisional icons are displayed for each player. These will signify the Divisional Ranking each player is part of and the Medals Earned from each Rank.

  • Divisional Progression
    • The following player ranking information will be displayed:
      • Weekly Medal Payouts
      • Progression for each Divisional Ranking

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