Utilizing the Deadly Scorcher

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back for another discussion to explain the mighty Scorcher! (Sadly dont have it either) 
At max lvl the Scorcher is given a speed of 2.5, hp of 72,740, range of 410 and a dmg of 85,671 which is roughly doubled due to its dmg type being burst.
Design for the Scorcher: The scorcher is a improved version of the Torch (smaller stubbier version) designed to bring massive dmg to a single target. one update did grant their fiery shots a small splash radius like the Rail Launcher turret.
Flame Barrel: in the flame barrel slot of customization you can give your Scorcher the use of the Siege Cannon, at max lvl grants 60% dmg increase to buildings making it a turret destroyer along with defenses like bunkers and silos.
Ignition: in the Ignition slot Extra-Powder grant the Scorcher + 30 range and -10% reload time making it more effective against anything that gets past your deadly Guardians. 
Ryu-Kai Treads: for the Ryu-kai treads check my discussion on the Javelin for the full description of the Treads and Armour component.
For some reason the Scorcher used to have a component known as the "Tesla Cannon" which granted a massive electrical blast stopping tanks and turrets. i would assume it was so deadly especially against the SF tanks we have nowadays it had to be retired. 
Tactics: Scorchers may have low hp but thats why they work with at least 2-3 Guardians. Scorchers are more of a supportive/Helping role on the battle. while the Guardians destroy everything in their path the scorcher mops up with his death dealing cannon. Scorchers are also the best unit when taking down SF in a single blast due to their modified flame cannons. 
I hope this discussion will help you "Fan the Flames of War" with the fiery tank known as the Scorcher. Good luck!
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