Looking for: Auto Instant repair fleet for 50 Scouts

Unicorn Overlord
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Does anything like that exist?

I've seen Lance fleets taking down regular Vega fleets 50 and even 53 with instant repair in AI Mode.

This probably won't work against 50 Scouts, will it?
  • Aaron Lehmer
    Aaron Lehmer
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    Mked up Ragdread can do them EzPz, are you looking for something different?
  • Dirt Gee
    Dirt Gee
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    Craig balton way works great i use 1 Rev with vector torpedos and 5 broadswords ..... Use the Rev to Run

  • OndinesCurse
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    Auto - nothing I have seen. Instant yes.. raga-dread with echo and net/arrestor. Line up battleships and strafe away with the dreads. Echo will target the cruiser and the bounces will slaughter the eagles while the stasis keep the cruiser from getting close but it is a great anchor for the echo to start from . Carrier can help if you keep it close enough. I can kill scouts 50 infinitely with this fleet.
  • RaptureAkaDino
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    me and some folk was working on an instant fleet, we got time down to 12 mins after free rep on auto. for a 50 haha its possible to get instant but we havnt finished our tests lol we use battleships destroyers and a carrier. ;) just gotta test what works for you

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    You going to run around with 7 high end auto fleets lol, manual flying for 0 damage for as long as u want

  • xX-Bull-Xx
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    6x Revs with Aurora (2x2), Impulse (1x3, 1x2), FO 5 and explosive resistor 2 works instant.

    Fly away for a minute (you actually only have to make the move order) then exit fight (in order to kill the Cori before the Eagles close up).
    Haven't tested Reverbs yet but I expect even better results. Level 53 supply runs work the same and are also instarep, only thing is you have to keep line formation until every eagle is down. Did 15 supply runs with about 1h30min reptime.

    After each 50 you can instarep the fleet. Much easier it is with a Dreadnarok manually flown since you won't get any damage at all.

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