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There have been some questions regarding the Resonance Battery & Resonance Capacitor and how the bonuses provided by each is triggered. Here is some helpful information on how these ship specials work. 

Resonance Battery: 

In order for the Resonance Battery to have an effect, the ship it's on must be affected by the Tactical Module aura it's within. For example, if your ship is currently being slowed down by an enemy Engine Disruptor, that ship will receive all the bonuses listed. However, if your ship is inside your own Microwave Dampener field, it will not receive the above bonuses because Microwave Dampeners only affect enemy ships and buildings.

In essence, any ship with the Resonance Battery will gain from its bonuses when that particular ship is being affected by either a hostile aura, or a friendly one. So if a ship with Resonance Battery is having its turn speed increased by a friendly Navigation Array aura, the Resonance Battery's bonuses will apply. It's also important to note that some hull's built-in Tac Mods do activate the Resonance Battery. ****Ship Auras are not Tactical Fields.  Resonance items will only be activated by a Tactical Field, not an aura.

This effect does stack; for each Tactical Module aura affecting your ship, the bonuses increase. However, the bonuses are multiplicative, meaning each additional bonus contributes less each time. The bonuses also affect any type of incoming or outgoing damage, including concussive and radioactive.

Resonance Capacitor

The amount of additional benefit that the stats of the special receive per additional tactical field and/or aura that has "Resonance Trigger: Yes".

To quote the blueprint text on the Resonance Capacitor: "...Each additional aura stacked will provide an additional percentage of the base attributes."

For example, if a stat on the Resonance Capacitor provides 50%, and then a resonance triggering aura comes into range of the hull using that special, then it would receive an additional 8% of the baseline 50%:

Boosted Value = 0.5 + (0.5 * 0.08)
Boosted Value = 0.54
Boosted Value = 54%

More abstractly, the formula would be:

Boosted Value = Baseline Stat Value + (Baseline Stat Value * (# of In Range Triggering Fields * Stacking Tactical Bonus Percent)


In terms of raw damage, Resonance Battery is pretty good. The math works the same way:

With 1 Triggering Aura:

100 Damage baseline

Boosted Value = 100 + (100 * 0.5)
Boosted Value = 100 + 50
Boosted Value = 150 Damage

With 3 Triggering Auras:

100 Damage baseline

Boosted Value = 100 + (100 *(3 * 0.5))
Boosted Value = 100 + (100 * 1.5)
Boosted Value = 100 + 150
Boosted Value = 250 Damage


Hope this helps!
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