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War Commander: Rogue Assault Release Notes - 5/16/16

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New Features and Content

  • Command Center levels 7 & 8 - Upgrade the Command Center and base buildings to increase defenses and unlock new units.

  • Four New Units:

    • Sniper - Nearly invisible to enemy units, Snipers pick off enemy infantry from a safe distance with their Savage 110 BA tactical sniper rifles.

    • Hind - Heavily armored helicopter fitted with lethal rocket pods.  

    • Ontos -  A light-armored tank with six devastating anti-tank rockets.

    • Raptor - This jet brings the pain from above with strafing runs on ground units and buildings alike.

  • Salvo Turret - Launches a barrage of rockets at ground units, dealing deadly damage across the battlefield.

  • Unit Crafting - Scavenge War Zones for components to build your destructive war machine.

  • Equipment & Equipment Crafting - Squads and platoons can now be equipped with upgrades to help give Commanders an advantage over their enemies.

  • Field Promotions - Upgrade your units beyond  level 4 to dominate the opposition.

  • Player Profile -  Make a name for yourself! Create a unique profile, pick an avatar, and update your tagline.  . Connecting to Facebook will now allow you to use your profile picture as your in-game avatar.

  • Player and Alliance Stats - Now you have proof to backup your bragging.

  • Arid Zones - New desert environments. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Updated Features and Content

  • Campaigns on world map - Take out enemy factions on the World Map to pave the way to world domination.

  • Improved Alliance UI - Choose an Alliance Profile with hundred of symbols to choose from, public descriptions, activity stream, and even a Message of the Day to help coordinate with other Commanders.

  • Improved NUX - Contextual prompts to help Commanders get the most out of their game.

  • Improved World Map Icons - Icon improvements to help Commanders navigate around World Map.

  • More War Zones, Encounters, and Contestable bases - More content to attack and places to attack it.

  • Bug Fixes & Balance Improvements

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