Deflection Bypass as of 5-3-16 Explained by GD Raikan

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This is from GD Raikan and was originally posted in this thread.

To help clarify further:

We created different “Deflection Bypass” Damage Types:

  • Ballistic Deflection Bypass
  • Corrosive Deflection Bypass
  • Concussive Deflection Bypass
  • Explosive Deflection Bypass
  • Penetrative Deflection Bypass
  • Radioactive Deflection Bypass

These stats work in the exact same way as Ballistic Defense Bypass, Penetrative Defense Bypass, etc., but is applied to the specified deflection stat instead of resistances.

For the math people, the formula is similar:

Resistance Bypass = TypeResistance% - (TypeResistance% * TypeResistanceBypass%)
Deflection Bypass = TypeDeflection# - (TypeDeflection# * TypeDeflectionBypass%)

For example, say you have 1000 Ballistic Deflection. The weapon firing at you has 75% Ballistic Deflection Bypass and deals 600 ballistic damage.

Remaining Ballistic Deflection = 1000 - (1000 * 0.75)
= 1000 - 750
= 250

The resulting damage from that ballistic shot would be 350 ballistic damage (600 Damage - 250 Remaining Deflection) since the Ballistic Deflection Bypass stripped off 75% of the total Ballistic Deflection.

With this update, we applied each of these Damage Type Deflection Bypass to NPC enemies in the Armadas and Draconian Bases. The Damage Type Deflection that was applied matched the type of damage that the source dealt (i.e. - A weapon that deals Ballistic damage will have Ballistic Deflection Bypass). A majority of turrets and weapons have 100% Damage Type Deflection Bypass. This means that hulls like the Revenge will perform poorly compared to a hull like the Punisher (since the Punisher has no Damage Type Deflection).

We did not add Assault or Siege Deflection Bypass to any of the targets. This is to help make sure that PvE hulls such as the Punisher had no negative impact with the targets getting Deflection Bypass. In other words, hulls such as the Punisher will be unaffected by this change and should perform at the same level as it did before.

Again, this change really only affects PvP hulls such as the Revenge, and future PvP hulls, against PvE targets (Armadas, Draconian Bases, etc.). Type Deflection Bypass will be applied moving forward with any newly or re-released PvE target content. We have no current plans to apply Assault or Siege Deflection Bypass to targets. We want to make sure that those stats (Siege and Assault Deflection) are more valuable for PvE, while PvP hulls will rely more exclusively on Damage Type Specific Deflection, which should continue to remain valuable for PvP.

Hope that helps! smiley 
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