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is it safe to say the reto lab will not be adding anymore ships to the list and also to the  specialist for ship repair ??????????????????????????????????? 
  • beel78
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    it was said a while back that it would be "put on the back burner".  However now that deflection is vital to a ships survival in the game, unless they gave that stat to retried hulls then no point in retroing them.
    As to the specialist.  That would be appreciated but they said the same thing about them as they did ship retros.
  • Josh Wilusz
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    I would rather them put petty things like that on the back burner and make repairs to the game so that way we can have more fun and once repairs are complete then go back to the retros.  I haven't done a ship in a long time.  I have been retroing gear and weapons give that a try. 
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    Thats what I'm currently doing, not time sinking like i did for my Threshers (Totally worth it in that case though)

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