Bring back SOME of the old mines please!

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Doom-please consider bringing back the Zynthium mines again. We have all of these new walls to do and without mines to get the Zynth very difficult to get it. I am sure most would agree with me on this. The new mines are great but they don't give you enough-with the damage they deal you can't get enough. Thanks for considering this!
  • ZirePhoenix
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    Well, you're high enough level to have finished all the campaigns, so that kind of sucks.

    I'm probably never going to finish Snowfall, since it has one of the highest amount of res in the first stage.
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    Yeah... Walls suck.

    Very doubtful that we'll be getting the old mines back. They were a glitchy mess.

    You can easily fill up on res from either Snowfall as Zire said or partially hitting some FM targets. Even easier if you toss on a Dragonslayers crew.

    I'd suggest not trying to do all your walls at once. Just do a few here and there when you're bored or have Zynthium to burn.
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    hmmm can't found a lvl 40 or even 60's mines   not going to coin repair 3 times for lvl 70' mines  and 30's  can't do them  too high lvl   this sucks i rather do alot 30's then do 70's
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