Something I wish for: a truck

Minor Nuisance
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Here's something that I think would be useful: a purpose-built truck hull. Something to cart res around.
The only thing it should do is carry a lot of stuff, and go fast on the map.
If I could get a fleet that could carry 100 or 150 meg of res, and scoot like the dickens around the map, I'd be happy.
It wouldn't need fast combat speed, wouldn't have but a couple weapon slots, altho several armor slots would be nice.
Several special slots would be nice too. One for engine, one for transport system, one defensive, one armor.
This would be nice to have.

The best I know about now is the super fort (if there is a better, please speak up!) A fleet of them holds 30 meg, which is nice, but it's very slow on the map.  Bit annoying waiting for it and baby-sitting it so it doesn't get sniped.
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