Simple Idea - Less repair time for low level players

Francisco Kocchiu Datto
Francisco Kocchiu Datto
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This is really necessary if you want us to get more people in the game, otherwise, they will just simple quit the game because of the current repair time.

Fleet Bay or Ship Factory level 1 - 20% of repair time
Fleet Bay or Ship Factory level 4 - 40% of repair time
Fleet Bay or Ship Factory level 6 - 60% of repair time
Fleet Bay or Ship Factory level 8 - 80% of repair time
Fleet Bay or Ship Factory level 10 - 100% of repair time


PS: Give us an off switch for the coin machine and improve your legendary ships' designs a bit.
  • RalleYTN
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    moving to future features and feedback.
  • Frankerd
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    giving my thoughts it is not fair to increase repair times while upgrding your factory and bay.

    this would mean you get a better garage but the quality and time spend on repairs are increased, while your garage just got an upgrade.

    i do think lower lvl players should get a''bonus'' on using Tier 1 ships in repair times. so that almost all fits are instant or under 10 minutes or so. but the bay upgrade is just a weird idea.

    +1 for thinking about low lvl players. but dont use stated mechanics.
  • Livn Lern
    Livn Lern
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    Honestly, if the game rewarded team play and let the bigger players look out for the little players more, the whole game would be a better place. I think it's about time they put a temporary stop on the PvP stance and worked on the CoOp situation. Nothing keeps a game together like friends and the ability to play with them.

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