What is the point of leveling?

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By "leveling" I'm referring to gaining base levels (the level that appears on your player profile). In the title I'm asking the question: "What on earth is our motivation to gain these levels?"

As a new player, I see mostly disadvantages to leveling, which is very odd. Yes, we gain access to higher level campaigns, but on the other hand:

- Leveling causes higher level things to spawn near us when we may still want to fight lower levels ones.

Yes, we can search for lower levels on the map, but the still fact remains, we have earned an inconvenience by leveling. This should be something that we have more control over.

- We lose the ability to attack lower level armadas.

This is just nonsense. Once we hit 51, we abruptly lose the ability to attack level 30 armadas. Again, you can say that "we should have leveled beyond them" but the fact remains, we have earned an inconvenience by leveling. It isn't needed.

- We open ourselves up to attack from higher level players (especially at 50)

Regardless of any workarounds for the disadvantages we incur for leveling, you still cannot talk sense to the fact that we, in many ways, do NOT want to level. Leveling itself is a BAD thing in this game, and it shouldn't be.

Not only this, but the process by which we gain XP makes no sense. We gain XP toward leveling merely by returning cargo to our base, or by spending it on research or building/upgrading ships and buildings, none of which guarantee that we have actually gotten stronger.

- If leveling causes higher level stuff to spawn near us, why the heck does our level have anything to do with our base at all?

- If leveling causes us to become vulnerable to higher level attacks, then why does it have anything to do with fleets that aren't currently defending?

Do you see the inconsistency here? This circle cannot be squared. The things that cause us to level up make no sense with what the consequences for leveling are, and the fact that there are consequences at all calls into question the entire purpose of this leveling system.

What you're accomplishing is either to make people never want to level, or to force people into higher level content. Well, before somebody comes out and says, "Hey! It makes people spend money on the game!", I'll preemptively agree with you... but there's an elephant in the room still. To those of you who would make this point:

Battle Pirates is not the only online game.
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