Outpost 8 reminder for Kix

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edited 16 Mar 2016, 1:28AM
Please please please don't forget to adjust turret upgrade times for OP8.  As it stands right now it takes 1 day +/- for lvl 4 turrets, 10 days +/- for level 5 turrets and 13 days +/- for level 6 turrets.  The ratio of build time from 5 to 6 makes no sense whatsoever.  And the new "parts" do not work for upgrades, only refits.  For a player to upgrade 14 turrets from level 4 to 6 with no speed ups would take right at a year!  That is beyond annoying, not to mention 2 extra turrets with OP8 and possible level 7 turrets.  Hopefully level 5 and 6 turret times will be reduced significantly.  I propose 3 days for level 5, 7 days for level 6, and 12 days for level 7.  Whether or not you agree with those times a more, less absurd balance should be considered.
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