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Okay. we all know the current list of FM prizes are kinda......crap.......a solution CAN be found in bringing in Additional stuff and removing some other stuff.

Tier 1: Add the Spectre and Vortex M Torpedoes, this will help lower levels thanks to a very economic sub.
Crossbow 1 to get players used to Railguns, and it is VERY economical.
Battlecruiser: WHAT HAPPENED?! i see low levels that cannot get it anymore, and it would help them a LOT. and the BCX is kinda bad......
Interdictor: If it doesn't get a build reduction, toss it, simple as that, it is not Economical at all, is kind of bad....... and is not a good idea to tempt lower levels with. replace with Battlecruiser.
Sawfish: Chuck it in there. its a nice stepping stone hull.

Tier 2:
Blaze Thrower: Kick it out. or replace it with Magma. Blaze is in a CAMPAIGN. Magma is not.
Lightning/Atlas Carrier and Dragonfly UAV: We have no Carriers in the FM (if you can count the Triton as one......) and the Dragonfly is kinda meek compared to the Locust at Tier 3. BUT. is Economic.
Crossbow 2: Refer to Xbow 1 in Tier 1.
Vindicator: Economic, Versatile, can use Launchers, Missiles, Ballistics and Countermeasures all equally well.

Tier 3:
UAV Powercells: WHY IS THIS NOT ALREADY HERE?! The Locust is tier 3, but is at its best with Powercells and a Carrier.
Crusader: Now Economic, and can help with Elite Tier FM.
Cryo Launcher Turret: I thought this was an interesting weapon when i saw it in DMBs alongside the Glacials.
Crossbow 3: Economic, and compares well with the Arbalest. not AS good. but still worthy to sit beside it.
Heavy Cruiser: It is fitting as the game is being Steered towards Deflection. Would help smaller players.
Medium and Heavy Scatterguns: For the HCs ofc. also a way to give us an excuse TO HAVE BARREL SYSTEM IN EVERY TIER.
Reapers: Decent subs. would be nice to see em back.
Charon Torpedoes: Don't make people cry for them anymore. Make them Coin for a fleet with these instead!
Barrel System 3: No. Just. No.
Cadmium Solar Panels: Why does this exist?

Elite Tier:

Meh, its fitting, but add the Neptune. people love Nep-Nep. (At least i do!)

What is Everyone Else's ideas? i wanna know.... O_o

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