Game Crash Improve Suggestion

Battle Pirates personal hello,

it is no secret that game crashes are no stranger to the game.

lots of people get game crashes and flash crashes on regular basis and other get them from time to time.

other then fluency of the game and general experience from the game these crashes also cause lots of repair time in some cases.

not all crashes can be handled but it has been my experience that most of the crashes occur on beginning of battle, you click attack and you get the loading screen but instead of going in the battle window you get a crash.

these crashes can cause long repairs that are of course not just. especially when entering hard "must drive" targets like 85 strongholds, elite raid targets, 75 armadas, draconian uranium bases etc.

I would like to suggest a simple solution to these cases: as we all know if we "survived" the loading of battle and actually got there we get a countdown and after the countdown the battle begins, my suggestion: in addition to the standard "attack" button you can add an "attack on command" button. this button will load the battle the same as ordinary with 1 difference - instead of the countdown we will have a "start" button after the battle window finished loading. in this case if we don't survive the battle window load we can just refresh the game, come back, click "join" to enter the battle window again and after successfully entering the battle we click "start" to begin the battle. that way people who like to auto their targets will use the standard "attack" button as before and people who know they are prone to crashes (week connection, computer etc) will use the "attack on command" button instead. of course this suggestion is only meant for AI targets and not when attacking other players for obvious reasons.

this I think can greatly improve the game experience and prevent frustration.

thank you.

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