Locator Suggestions

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I'm not sure how easy it would be in code either of these changes for the map LOCATOR:
(1) CENTER ON CURRENT FLEET - I think it would be very helpful to people trying to find 'nearby' targets  if the locator could arrange the list of available targets according to their distance from the currently selected fleet. It's hard to tell, but I think it works on "distance from base", which can produce some really poor results if we are far from our base at the time we use the locator.
(2) RAID TARGETS NOT ENGAGED - Also, in raids, it might be helpful to NOT list targets that are already engaged in combat, even though they may techincally be "available" for co-op, the thing most people are "looking for" when they use the Locator is the next target to help complete a set. Targets already being hit do not answer that need.
Thank you.
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