Explanation of the great grand rebalance from Paul Preece, founder of KIXEYE

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    @CM LXC Everything changes in last few months game turn into coining game instant of skills game, No matter what you do you can't defeat the coiner and coiner can kill hole alliance alone, Why you don't increase the cost of coins in more? everything you do is 70% good for coiners, The game sucks cause it only depends on coining. The coiner only have to launch and attack fleet and then repair and attack back, They even don't join battle and take down 7 fleets at once. When the game was goes into open beta and in Closed beta it was not like this, It was skill full game and there was excitement but now I don't know where that excitement goes. Its all about coin :(
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    Will we get a free refitte fore the ships that after the update will be over mass ?

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    Good morning dear friends. Only express my opinion, I love vega conflict, have several accounts, they seem very well canvios but only find one thing wrong. My main account has many large ships and what I will not do is spend time or money either in repair or retrofitting, I can not find it fair. And it is simple, or reequipacion of all ships is free and instant or I wont play and I'll find another game, and I sure as many players make. Thank you for listening to my opinion

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    @Destoryer Of Worlds said:
    So, why couldn't you just make V-Sec hulls the most powerful instead of iron star hulls? V-Sec hulls take longer, so they should be better!

    Also, 21k Health MkV heretics is ridiculous. You can fit that, plus good weapons, on 6 ships in a fleet. They would smash EVERYTHING that isnt a destroyer, and they can just run from those.

    There's no point in building anything other than Rebel and Iron star hulls now, because the only thing VEGA and V-sec hulls offer is higher mass and SLIGHTLY higher base HP (and a few other useless stats)

    Rather build Vega and ISC. Rebel hulls don't offer enough mass for 42k fits and can only go up to MK IV.

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    Give us a real reason to think this update need to get into the game. No word about any free refit or at least a refit bay. 200+ ships that are in need for a refit. Calculate how much time i cant play the game then. Please just give us some real reasons to think its worth it

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    Paul it is good to FINALLY get a response from someone at Kixeye after the plethora of complaints regarding the latest rebalancing announcement.

    I will keep my points brief.  I can appreciate you trying to strike a balance between current and new players and I agree with this.  There is one change however that has been overwhelmingly criticised and which is being asked to be dropped.  That is having all speeds standardised for a ship class.  This is nothing short of false advertising.  For example, our last event for has the python which has always had sector speed advantage.  Why did we bother working so hard for this for you to take it away a week later?  Is that nothing short of being deceptive? 

    Revs need to have a speed increase to be relevant again.  Beyond that drop all other speed changes and I think we could live with the rest of the changes with far less grumbling.
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    What i like is that they put all changes in at once. What i dont like is low lvl fleets get so much more rep times. Because of this all these low lvl players will leave. New ones dont stay and because sectors are empty, players are bored and leave. Even if they dont there is noone to battle with so no rep times anyway so no coins. Overall vega conflic will be dead by the summer. And i hate long posts. Keep it short guys.
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    @touche6784 said:
    CM LXC said:

    You’re dumbing down the game, I like complexity.

    The game is getting more simple with regards to ship speeds, that is true. However there are different kinds of complexity. Speed is a very important stat. So important that it can override nearly all other stats except for Range. When that happens the game actually loses a ton of complexity, as the number of meaningful combat stats drops from many to few. Bringing more consistency to hull speeds should return more complexity than it takes as the number of meaningful stats increases. Over time, we expect more hull classes to become useful to more players.

    I am not sure how someone can think this and believe themselves to be reasonable or logical.  You state in this comment that speed is everything, more important than range.  How does normalizing speed increase the number of meaningful stats?  All you have left is range.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that statement.  Maybe further developing this answer or providing examples would be best.

    You dont even have range. The so called "short range" impluse beam is nearly max range, has great dps and no blindspot.. It never misses too..

    All it will ever come down to is armor. Armor armor armor... Prepare for coin mash conflict.

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    Please explain what is the difference between a MK upgrade and getting T2, T3 vega, vsec or ISC fleets? In both cases we can get bigger mass, more slots. In some cases with MK upgrade we get some extra efficiency in dealing with other ships types. And no, more health is not any different than getting an extra armor slot. In conclusion you are just replicating the MK upgrades on a whole ship class. A Herectic is just a Genesys upgraded several times, or a Apocs upgrade a bit, hence those inferior ships in the same class will die, like we do not keep MK2 ships but we want MK5 ones because they are superior to MK2.
    What troubles me is that  you cannot understand that you are duplicating the MK upgrades on whole ships class
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    I have never seen such an arrogant and rude community treatment like this. The whole community tries to explain you, that this rebalance will destroy the game and you ignore this completely. You introduced a new carrier with increased speed in comparison to most of all ... and now all should have the same speed ... i cant understand these decisions !!!!

    Furthermore it seems to me that the last weeks and mounths (december 2015 to february 2016) with an unbelievable amount of events, where several VSec and Vega Corporation hulls could be obtained, was just to earn money as much as possible since a huge part of the community will stop playing this game. These hulls are useless after the rebalance!!!

    This financial strain, due to leaving players and rebalance effort, has to be compensated. And as far as I can see this has been done by cheating current players ... a barefaced lie !!!!

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    I read this expecting some real information, but after I finish reading it, it fail short, just a bunch of nice politic talk, no real substance. I will be blunt.


     It’s not in our DNA to simply clone games,

    Paul Preece

    Founder, KIXEYE


     I returned to the game as Creative Director back in August, and while the current situation is definitely a low point

    where is CM Skeedor !!!!??????

     Over time, we expect more hull classes to become useful to more players.

    I remember LXC talking about no more hulls, now this is false? 

    better defining the meta.

    Better is not a measure, its just a nice word.

     One of our key goals for the future is to increase the longevity of ship builds across all classes. It is vital to the health of the game that ships have long, useful lives.

    sorry i really don't believe this any more

    We are planning on providing some assistance to players to help them adjust their equipment to the new meta.

    will just benefit some extreme cases?

    ships should now downgrade their shields and armor and take more weapons. As they do their repair times will drop. We will be monitoring builds to make sure this happens.

    But you know people will have to just add ridiculous amounts of zynthium and the lvl 11 bay will allow for that looking at some days to repair a single heretic fleet, monitoring this?

    PS: cant trust Kixeye if the employees lie when confronted with what it seams to be some denial of service attacks on the server. spank CS CHRIS for blaming the players that get affected with laughable copy pasted excuses.  plus we confront LXC with proof about players using scripts and we don't see a fix on that.

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    "One of our key goals for the future is to increase the longevity of ship builds across all classes. It is vital to the health of the game that ships have long, useful lives."

    So with these new ISC mk upgrades the Iron Star ships will be the strongest in the game and its what everyone will gravitate towards using. (Those of us who are still playing the game that is)  Four months from now its basically going to be IronStar Conflict.  So how does that improve the health of the game or insuring the long useful lives of the non ISC hulls?   
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