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Rolling for crews is useful, but kind of boring.  Any chance we can get a couple more options?  Like maybe a 50,000 U roll for a guaranteed 2 star, or 100k U roll for a 3 star?  Not sure how much it should be.  Just calculate the odds of getting one now, and make the guaranteed roll the same amount.  Not asking for a good deal, just asking to get rid of the boring time it takes to actually get to the level of crew you want. 
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    i like the idea , but you will have a bigger gap between the haves and have nots , imagine having 50 grease monkey crews at hand or 50 skullduggery crews whenever you needed them

    omg it would be hell :wink: 

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    (sigh) You just used the "magic word": Boring. As soon as Kix hears that word they start salivating, because it means a certain percentage of people will become so bored that they COIN. And because this is their way of (ahem) "encouraging" you to spend money, you can bet that they will never listen to requests to lower seat time for free (and yes, even though U is hard to come by, its not coin, so it is still free). Mind you, the highest coining option only guarantees a "rare" crew. How many stars is that? One or two? For 30 coin they should be offering you a legendary guaranteed......
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