I cant make support tickets unless i spend 50 dollars which i have already

Shockwave Jake
Shockwave Jake
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not sure what to do at this point i cant make a ticket to get help and there is no other way to contact kixeye except these forums.  I took a break from the game for a bout a year after it became severely unstable on my computer.  i updated my computer to a new one so i started playing again about 1 month ago.  I have in the past put in multiple tickets you can see them in the photo i am posting with this.  I know i have spent 50 dollars on my account.  I have been playing for about 4 years as my id is in the 3 million range.  Well today the patch came out and i was finishing my Forsaken mission.  during which i experienced mass lag and as such lost my juggx fleet in the 65 stronghold i was hitting.  I thought that is a bummer.. then i went in my base and the new campaign popup is there and i am pretty sure that was the cause of the lag.  I was thinking why not just start the campaign when the new patch was installed why let it come in later in the day where it can cause lag on the client side?  on to the real problem though.  there is no "get support" link for me on the support page.  i investigated further to find that it says i have not spent 50 dollars on the game so i am not eligible for support.  well that seems a bit odd since i have put in quite a few tickets in the past..  just wondering why now i have to re-invest into this game when i have earned the right to support from kixeye.  If this is some new rule then you should have grandfathered in people that have been longtime customers.  I am in no way going to spend 50 dollars more just to get support from a game that makes millions and should provide that support free of requirement.  I want to stay playing the game though I cannot see doing so if i am going to be subject to new policies that are discriminating against longtime customers who have not been active lately.  If to play this game with support it costs 50 dollars just to start then why would i play the game.  I am not trying to give you a hard time but instead just voicing an opinion which i am sure many share.  Attached you can see my previous tickets put in and now i am not able to.  that is a deal breaker guys why would you do this to us.  I am a loyal customer.... do you not care that you are ruining the game for many people?  The loyal people might stay but who are they going to play with and against ?  all the players leaving the game over the last year has been a huge loss and it seems there is no end in sight.  Well for now im done and can only hope this gets to people who actually care about the game, the people and the well being of the community.
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