Update Rogue Crews' Favorite Ship

CPL Hicks
CPL Hicks
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In my opinion, several older hulls can be boosted with an update to the Rogue Crews' favorite ship, thereby allowing them to become more relevant without the need for additional retrofit packs. For example, the Midnight Mauraders' favorite ship is the Interdictor. I propose this be changed to "All Interdictors" (just as the Mortarheads crew's favorite ship is "All Dreadnoughts") to include Vassago's Interdictor and Viper Interdictor, along with the inclusion of the Battlecruiser. Adding this crew would allow players without Interceptors V2-H and/or Prototype Hunters a more capable anti-submarine warfare fleet.

Please comment on which other crews' favorite ships could give older hulls more capability.
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