Request: Higher level FM targets.

Charlie Pugwash
Charlie Pugwash
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Small request: A level 95, 105, whatever, FM target that pays 50 million points. Because I don't know about anyone else, but hitting all the 85's for double elite is starting to get REALLY boring. Maybe recycle one of the A-tier targets from the hostile takeover raid? Spawn them by the drac bases and/or drac uranium bases to make sure those who want to hit 85's still spawn them, though.
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  • cesar augusto jovel
    cesar augusto jovel
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    i have suggested it before.. a 95 for about 12.5 mil points
    and a 105 for 25mil points.. 

    it would be a great idea.. 4 of those 95s and u are done
    or 2 of those 105s....
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  • Rpr Specialist Pls
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    Under the old system, I only had to do 5 65s to meet the goal. Now, I need 8 85s per run. This was a huge jump in the list of chores. I would be happy if they modified points to equal 5 85s. 10 85s is much more manageable than 18. Maybe 95s and 105s could be solutions. I just think the time base should increase as the game goes on. But ship builds are lengthy compared to the game originally and the top tier is now 10 times more time needed to finish it. 20 times if you do the run twice. I would like more free time to stay current instead of dedicating all this time to this game.
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