Farming MKs is Impossible

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LXC, it is getting incredibly hard to farm MKs. Everyone in a sector is going for the same even fleets, so as you can imagine it because extremely congested and hard to get what you need. A few suggestions...
-Split the mini events by levels, make each mini event 2 hours long, the first hour is for the highest hit levels. For instance, during the Battalions everyone is hitting 40s, 55s. So how about an hour of nothing but 40s and 55s. Then do another our for the Venom and Furys.
This is already a proven concept, the cutters are a prime example. Currently it is 1 hour of 40s and 53s for the cuttee, and no one ever complains about the MK farming for cutters.
-Secondly, it really sucks that I have to wait 2 days to get guaranteed drops for cores. I have no problem hitting vega 45 battalionS when they spawn, the question is, when they spawn. During non event and mini event times, there should be 2 spawn rates per planet. Cargo and Mks. Not the Cargo and mks mixed together. This allows for more of us that can't make all the events to have a chance to farm a little more.
-Increase drop rate, it is only fair. You give coiners this massive advantage by purchasing the upgrades after the events. If that is the case very soon there will be a new imbalance in the game. So how about increasing the drop rate of specific items, like patterns and T4 cores. Also it would be very nice if the software didn't give you patterns of ships you don't have or don't want.
-Energy resistance added doesn't seem to work too well. My clan and I did some tests and found absolutely no different between a MK 3 Apoc, and the same build MK 3 Apoc with energy resistance 2. The only one we saw a difference on was the Projectile credit.
I have a fleet of Rev Creepers. MK4,3 and 2. I have energy resistance on projectile 2 and explosive 1 on them. I hit the same base I did when I had absolutely no MK and died twice as fast. Why? What is this flaw with the Resistances that cause them to not work. It seems as if, I add a Projectile credit then an Energy Weapon kills me faster.
-The epic fail of the Valkrie Carrier'a Phased Projectile Field. I say epic fail because I have yet to find this field in fvf. I use it for basing and yes, with the Siege you do notice the difference. But in a fvf as a support ship, I have yet to notice it.
-I suggest canceling the Shield Rebalance that was mentioned. This is not what the players want and many of us will leave the game. If you want to Rebalance the game then listen to all the players, not the noobs who are level 30 and can't kill a vega 55 and cry, or a single member from a top clan. The feedback on the shield post should say enough.
-All the coin and time owed to ME because Steam really does suck. You will be in battle and steam will just kick you out. You reenter and boom, kicks you out again and your fleet is dead.
-Auto when no auto is selected. If I exit a battle because my guard is hit, my ships tend to find their way to the bridge by going through mines and running into sico turrets. Although, I didn't want them to. I say , if AI us off. It should stay off.
-How about a more powerful Projectile turret, something with spread as well. We need a defense against all these lances. Or maybe, IF YOUR BASE IS UNDER ATTACK, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE TARGET AQUISITION SELECTION, just like in battles. That way I could focus fire on those focking Lances. ;)

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