Suggested change in ship repair

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If Kixeye wants to do something to make this game a whole lot easier to play, they should make any ship under repair complete automatically once it reaches 5 minutes.  That way you could repair an entire fleet, and get the 5 minute benefit on each one without having to pick them out and repair them one at a time, which is dreadfully tedious.  And if all the ships in a fleet repair in 5 minutes or less, the entire fleet should repair instantly as soon as repair is begun.  
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    Uh, why not just make everything quicker to repair, period?
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    Phiinix said:
    Uh, why not just make everything quicker to repair, period?
    There's actually a good reason to keep the 5 minute repair feature.  When I was a lower level, I had ships that could be repaired in 5 minutes or less.  That means a fleet of 5 such ships could take 25 minutes of damage, and be repaired with no repair time.  If they got rid of it altogether, there would be no instant repair and fleet that takes 25 minutes of damage would require 25 minutes of repair.  Instant repair fleets are extremely useful to low levels.

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    Instead of that why not just make it so where all ships in a fleet repair at the same time instead of just one a t a time
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