Drake Armada Requirements

Rob Tolp
Rob Tolp
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Previously before the update, I was able to attack a level 30 Armada.  Now the game prevents me from attacking it.  I am level 52 and the only level it will let me attack is level 45 and above.  Sorry but I DO NOT have a fleet who can survive a lvl 45 armada.  The highest level fleet I have is a lvl 29 fleet. Whether I can attack a lvl 30 armada should not be based on my level 52 points, but rather on whether my fleet is high enough to attack it or not.  This is ridiculous because it basically puts me out of being able to do ANYTHING other than on raids or going after salvage.  Sorry kixeye.  Stupid move!
  • Teddycuddlez
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    Build a fleet that can survive a 45 then. Stick high ballistic resist on your whole fleet, or else have a tank to soak up the damage.

    Honestly though you should probably be focusing more on FM fleets, work towards consistently hitting tier three twice a week, that should give you the tech you need for doing level 45 armadas.
  • Phiinix
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    I don't remember *needing* Uranium more than what the FM gave me until I was at least hitting T3 (the old T4), so I don't know why you are using up your Uranium so fast.

    Save your U for the Outpost Upgrade, and ONLY retro hulls that *you are actually using* (have built more than 1).  Forget keeping your Retro lab active because you obviously cannot keep up the U requirement.
  • xwolf1
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    My 2 punisher and 1 rhino together is a level 29 fleet. They can kill a level 75 armada in one hit. If you take away one thing from this it should be this:

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