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Personally I feel that the map repair has been one of the better things kix has done recently. I do however, have to wonder why they haven't allowed it to reach it's full potential for them.

Time and again I hear people complain about not being able to play because their dock is down. If we were able to launch fleets even with a dead dock (but not repair those fleets) wouldn't players utilize map repair more readily. If a flattened base does not prevent me from launching my fleets and still being able to play then a base hit is far less frustrating and my bubble matters far less.

Does anyone else think that launching from a dead dock would lead to more coining on the map ?

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    I don't think so.

    If someone won't coin their 6 coin dock to launch fleets, what makes you think they'll pay even more to map repair those fleets?

    Moving to FFF just because it's an idea...
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    if a damaged dock doesn't stop you from launching fleets than they may as well remove the dock, aside from ally points crippling someones dock is the main reason to hit their base.
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