Speculation on the Next Weapon Type to be Revisited

CPL Hicks
CPL Hicks
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I'm not a frequent enough poster to make a poll, but of all the weapon types in the game, which one do you think will be updated/addressed next raid?
  1. Ballistics
  2. Missiles
  3. Mortars
  4. Rockets
  5. Torpedoes
  6. Depth Charges
  7. Launchers
  8. Throwers
  9. Scatterguns
I'm guessing throwers in the form of corrosive damage (acid sprayer). You don't see many Hellblazer hulls and they could get a new lease on life with a new corrosive thrower.

Your thoughts?
Praise be RNGesus!
  • Phiinix
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    Throwers sucked when they came out, and it'll just outright suck more, unless they literally suck, then I guess the range issue isn't going to suck as much... but it'll probably still suck.

    TL;DR.  They suck, no throwers revamp.
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