Kixeye please think again

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    Why is it that most people dont seem to grasp the VERY simple concept that the owls were never meant to fuction in the way they have been, units shouldn't just disappear and avoid any/all damage at all, this is meant to be a strategy game and not one intended to cater for those who can only learn/use/grasp the most simple of attacking techniques or glitches, The owls and cyclones already have stealth, the teleportation and the avoidance of any damage is bullchit, its a glitch and just a crutch for those not able to develop higher skills and strategy. It was here for a bit, many people had a much easier time for it, its gone, good riddance, now its time these people learnt how to play
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    It's really make me sick. Each time have to wait for air repair. Is there no way to bring back that glitch? 
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    At the end of the day, Kixeye looks at the bottom line.  Gold and making money.  That is the fact of the matter.  The more money they can make the better.  Why do you think they only have one Dozer and long upgrade times?  People get frustrated and coin to finish upgrades.  Money is what matters to people these days.  In the game and in real life.  
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    Kixeye made their game as "HARDCORE" since released....
    (what is the "their HARDCORE"?? -- P2W...or god-like patience)
    no need feel disappoint when you saw any thing give player benefit got fixed.
    (remember the phantom warpaint??
    they will be fixed as always....
    unfortunately .....still too many players spend cash on this....
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    money hungry **** listening to idiots and turtles no wonder this game is dying
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    anyone notice not 1 administrator is responding to this...why....THEY DON'T GIVE A ****!!!!!
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    anyone notice not 1 administrator is responding to this...why....THEY DON'T GIVE A ****!!!!!
    thats because the glitch is gone, and isnt coming back, there is no reason for a CM to comment, and get bashed for it
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    LOL is this still going on...................... hopefully on thursday it will change to crying over event! 
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    <Mod hat On> This thread has gone from bad to worse.

    < Mod Hat Off>   Kixeye has read your feedback and as a player I can agree the stealth needs to be looked at and tweaked.  The 'glitch' people used for game advantage whether you feel was skilled or not was fixed, nerfed, deleted, changed.... pick a word.  It is over, move on as most of us have. Learn to fly/walk them as intended and when the stealth issue is addressed we will all know at the same time or at least when we log in to play.  I do a little more clicking than before and I move my units out of harms way so they reclock.  

    <Mod hat Back On>  Closing the thread.  Roasting of the CM isn't productive, and unlike marshmallows CM Sulaco isn't tasty slightly burnt.

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