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Why hasn't my ticket been answered yet?

  • We are constantly doing our best to get to each and every ticket as quickly as possible. If you have received confirmation that your ticket was sent, we will get to it as soon as we can. Follow some of the steps near the bottom of this page to help submit a ticket in the best way possible. Once we have your ticket, there is no need to submit a duplicate ticket on the issue or ask us when it will be answered; this actually slows down the response time for yourself and other players as we then have to deal with duplicate tickets.

Why hasn't my ticket been answered after x days?

The goal of the KIXEYE Customer Service Team is to answer tickets as quickly as possible. However some issues can arise that can cause delays in response times, such as:

  • Ticket volumes currently being higher than normal.

  • The game team may want Customer Support to ask players certain questions to help them investigate further.

  • It was sent on a weekend. Weekend coverage is not as extensive as during the working week, but we are currently taking steps to make that a better process.

  • Staffing levels may be lower than normal - this could be because of things like illness or days off (we are allowed out on occasion) or any number of day to day activities.

What does 'your ticket is in the queue' actually mean?

  • When a ticket is submitted it goes into a queue of tickets to be answered. Based on when you submitted the ticket and how many others need to be helped first, we will get to your ticket as soon as we can.

I sent in four tickets in the past week about the same thing and didn't get a reply, why not?

  • Sending in duplicate tickets slows us down from replying, which effectively slows down our response to you and to others. It really is better to reply to the existing ticket and update it with new information than to create a new one. Duplicating tickets also raises the possibility of you getting the same reply more than once and having two separate conversations about the same issue.

I sent in a ticket via email and didn't get a reply, why?

  • Replies to existing tickets via email are fine, but all new tickets must be created via the support form. Along that line, we ask that you submit a new ticket when a new issue arises and not update an older ticket.

I filled in the support form to report a cheater, why didn't I get a ticket number?

How come my computer is being blamed for a technical issue?

  • We're not trying to place any blame, but simply trying to get to the root cause. Many common issues can be resolved via some simple troubleshooting steps so we offer these as a first step that may give you an immediate solution to the issue you are experiencing. Even a simple step like clearing your browser cache can solve a multitude of technical issues. If the initial troubleshooting steps don't help, we know that we can work through some more extensive ones to make sure it isn't on your end. Once that is done, we know we may need to pass it along to the game team for investigation.

Support Form Specifics FAQ

I'm on the Support Form. What now?

  • Choose the relevant game you are having an issue with. We recommend that you check the knowledge base or forums first in case the information you need about your issue is already out there, just waiting to be found! If it isn't, you may want to submit a ticket.

What is the best category to pick?

  • We ask that you pick the category that is as close to your issue as possible. Choosing "Other" can quite often require us to request extra information to help us identify your account or issue. We ask that you please try and avoid using "Other" unless you truly do not see a category that fits your issue. If your issue is that you cannot submit a ticket under a game category, the first thing you should do is post on the forums where we will help you out directly.

What should I put when describing my issue?

  • In the subject line, we ask that you try to be as descriptive as you can be with so few words. This can help us sort through tickets faster and see what your issue is at a glance.

  • The big box below the subject is where we really need as much information about your issue as you can provide. The bottom line here is that the more information you give us at the start, the less likely it is that we will need to ask you more questions to get to the bottom of the issue. This can include what exactly happened, the date/time you first noticed it, what you were doing when it happened, etc. For technical issues the browser,  browser version, operating system (Win 7 etc), and more can quicken the resolution to your issue as we will not have to ask you for that information.

Be polite

  • Customer Support truly is here to help. We know that running into an issue can be frustrating, but cursing or calling us names is not going to help your issue get fixed any faster and we will not be able to help you if this is the route you choose to take. Even though it may be across a computer screen, we're people too!

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