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Why did my upgrades go back in time?

If you get attacked, the upgrade timer will be set back if the building that is upgrading is damaged or destroyed. We are also looking into the possibility that game sessions that are not properly closed out (by leaving the game open while the computer goes to sleep/hibernates) may cause issues with the timer. It appears that for best results you should always completely close out of the game, either by navigating elsewhere on Facebook, or closing your browser. Obviously, shutting down your computer would accomplish the same things, if that is an option.

Why did my multiple-day upgrade stop?

For best results, you should log into the game every day or two; not visiting your yard, base or outpost for several days in a row can cause upgrades to stall.

What if a building is missing from my base?

Buildings can go missing for a number of reasons. If refreshing your browser and clearing your browser cache does not fix it, please contact us via our Support Form.

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