Nothing Is Working!

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You updated and now everything is broken. What should I do?

After any update it's always good practice to clear your browser cache, restart your browser, and (if that doesn't help), reboot your computer. Lots of things get cleared out and updated when you do these things, and all of these will help clear out temporary files that may cause graphical glitches. You might also try "power cycling" your router and/or modem; turn off the power switch (or unplug it), wait about 30 seconds, then turn it back on/plug it back in.

Nothing is working right!

If there are multiple problems, it is likely Connectivity, Browser, Computer, or Firewall/Antivirus related. These can be eliminated as possibilities by simply changing your browser, temporarily disabling Firewall or Antivirus software, trying on a different computer, or trying from a different Internet connection.

Your game doesn't work in (obscure browser); why not?

We support the most current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. While our games will work on most browsers that support Flash, we are not able to offer specific advice for every browser.

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