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In every online game there are always people that like to cheat and hack. We do our best to minimize the impact of these people, but we also rely on our users to report people that hack.

For reporting hackers, cheaters, and multi-account abusers, we would like all our players to use the following procedure: gather evidence -- be it links to profiles, location in the game, etc. -- and then send this to us via the Report Suspected Cheater form. Even better is if you have details of the hack itself; if you include that then it will certainly earn you brownie points.

If this report is from an attack on your base, please also include the name of the attacker, and the date/time that the attack happened.

When we discover someone to be hacking or cheating, they are suspended from the game immediately and permanently. However, it should also be noted that a good portion of all reports turn out to be false -- it could have been an error, a glitch, or in some cases just that the other user used money to play! For this reason, we carefully check out each and every report of this kind, and sometimes this can take a bit of time. We ask for your patience.

Also, please note that we are unable to tell you the outcome of our investigations, as it would be unethical for us to do so. After all, you wouldn't want your name in a hack report (let alone it then saying you are a hacker) so we keep the results of the investigation private. However, you should be able to tell when a hacker is removed from the game -- they won't be playing any more, after all.

We ask that you please DO NOT report these issues on the forums, or send PMs or emails to any other address -- by directing all hack reports through one dedicated channel, we will be better able to respond to these issues. In order to make this process more efficient and focused, we will be closing all threads that discuss hack reports, and will direct the posters to this FAQ.

Thank you for your help.

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