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Greetings Captains,

This is the place for you to suggest new features or changing the current features in the game such as new ships, new buildings, etc. 

Guidelines for making a suggestion:

Suggestions only work if people like your idea and reply to the thread. So please please check to see if a wish exists before starting a new thread. The more replies, the more it is noticed.

What not to suggest

Lower Repair times (please don't post individual unit cases either, if any changes ever occur they will be communicated in update notes.)
  • Higher ship repair times = more strategy used when attacking.
  • Low ship repair times = more spamming and less skill needed.
Ideas involving Gold
  • These aren't very productive. Let's keep the idea about content and features!
How to reply to someone's suggestion
  • If you don't like it, don't reply! but if you do, please leave constructive criticism.
  • If you like one, say so in the thread.
Spot a duplicate wish?
  • Don't just reply with this has been asked for many times, add in the link to the main thread.

Do not report bugs here.

This sub-forum is for providing feedback (positive or negative, but always constructive) on any new or old feature related to Battle Pirates. It is NOT to be used for bug reports or any problems you have.

If you have any problems, bug reports, etc. Please post those in Community Support or file a support ticket.


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