How about this ideas for Vega Conflict Users

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then now, after mk system was update, many users expect new contents. 
So, i wanna discuss about new ideas such as clan system. 
1. clan alliance system. 
- many clans have sub clan, so i think about alliance system. this system is management tool for leader group.

2. reduce repair cost and build cost for top rank clan. 
- such as ICU, IF, EDC, GOAT, UNK, etc... this clan often is the war for ranking and medals, pride. So, if kixeye support to them, maybe the war will be increase. therefore, kixeye can get more money, this one is important to you.

3. clan defense system. 
- if some heavy clan get a one system(5 planet), they can make defence system, like a THAAD(Terminal High Altitude Area Defense)

This is just idea, but i can certain to user's funny and KIXEYE. 

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    So couple comments to your mentioned issues:

    1. good idea. Clans should have more possibilities to interact. Now beeing in clan means only tag and 10 percent of build help. No clan activities at all.

    2. do not take it personaly but you were drunk when you wrote this point. All these above mentioned clans are mostly biggest coiners so do not see reason to give them any advantage :-D Big guy will get bigger gun it is not fair play policy. Everyone should have same chance.

    3. not bad idea but should not change ballance of game.
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    You want ideas that could help VEGA CONFLICT .. start

    1.  Section of diplomacy: put atleast one more color "GREEN" for allies aliances or friend allies.
    2.  More info over all the stuff in the game, if you select a ship I WANT TO KNOW how much repair time it cost me with that configuration, same for the other stuff in the game, how much repair time it add to me ships.
    3.  The chance to "set name per ship", that can help us to organice more our ships and fleets, example: put the name "Farm cargo lvl 20-23" to those  ships you always use to do that exactly lvl cargo fleets.
    4.  Put a "confirm button" over all things you need spend coins for finnish the build time / repair / research, that can solve several problems when you do a double click or the game have a glich.
    5.  Add a "line construction" to the factory ship, that allow us to put diferents ships in the "oven", same for fleet bay, a line for "repair ships / fleets", that can help to most of us who have "JOB" and "LIFE" to dont be in front of the PC / mobile / tablet all the f*** time.
    6.  Add to the chat window a "timer message"... is really dificult know, if one message was send in the last minute.. or it send last week (irony).
    7.  Add the option to change the active account, i mean... if you have 2 accounts, one is named Cat1 and other Dog1, give us a way to switch between accounts, for example set a password for every account, it can solve the biggest problem I see with the arrival of the accounts in the STEAM platform.
    8. Maybe.. add a new event class "Revenge of miners"... i explain... we have riots events with Vsec cargos random attack us, we have VC events where Vsec attack our bases... why not a event we have the possibility of attack the bases of VEGA Coorporation? or "Raid event", where at least 5-10 players fight vs a masive vega fleet with diferent waves?

    ... I can keep putting thoughts ... but the hours I write this, my brain no longer works ...
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    Greetings all.

    I have been playing Vega a little over three years now and in my time I've see lots of innovations within the game and have also come up with an entire brain load of ideas and things and weird additions that might be fun and or just even things out within the game.

    Let's begin with the first weird idea.

    The terminus shield...

    God darn it I curse those fighters from carriers...want to know why?? Because I can't get rid of the effing things and I basically have no defence against them.
    The only way you might have a chance to get rid of the horrible things is if you have an entire set of thermal beams on your ships. Which unless you are running a set of thermal revs you don't tend to have that equipped during PvP.
    So what's my solution???
    A lovely Vega invention called the terminus shield...

    What I'm talking here is a shield that emits a kind of electromagnetic pulse to overload the fighters systems destroying them quickly.
    However this shield has a down that yeah it causes damage, "brilliant!!!" but it will suck at taking and absorbing damage.
    Sound like fun Kix??? If so then whack it in and see what happens. What have you got to loose??

    Insane idea number two...

    Ahhh the technology we can research. Its great isn't it?? The way you can turn low range energy into long range with the optics...the way you can make the projectiles fast as some of the energy weapons...and the way you can alter the explosives to make them...


    That's right, the upgrades for this type of weapon suck.
    Yeah that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it and its why I clearly see them being a redundant weapon type by level 25. Because they just don't ad a great deal of anything to the weapon.

    How about creating a tech to make the things fly faster??? Like...say AMrockets??? Causes the explosive to travel faster? Or we could have one like high caliber warheads...something to help punch though shields??? Or EM warheads...something to cause more damage to shields but less to hull? Just like the ionized optics for the spectral type weapons.
    What I'm pointing out here is that once you get up to high level explosive weapons become pointless to use...because they just don't work in any situation because half the time they miss their target in PvP. Like even the hydra can miss if a ship is fast enough! They can be bettered by both energy and projectile weapons on nearly every front...go on agree! You know I'm right!

    Insane idea number four or five...(because the last one was like two or three rolled into one)

    For the love of god please patch in an allied or friendly status within alliance diplomacy.
    Speak to half the alliances out there that are using the alert status being the yellow colour as the allied because they have to have some way to distinguish their allies to their new members who being the unfortunate noob read the colour as being on alert and go and attack it effectively causing a rift to open up because of simple misunderstanding because there isn't a way to tell who's not to be targeted and who is...and this is like a gripe for me that's been going for three years!

    Ships out if you agree?!?

    Insane idea number five or six...(because I'm keeping with what I did with the last little subtitle)

    Your crafting was great as it was...why take away the ability to extract cores from patterns? Now all most of us have is a crap ton of patterns sitting there for no reason that we can't use anymore.
    And as if this wasn't hard enough...I'm having a nightmare getting cores of the right level for the right ship type and I'm talking that's its taken me like nine weeks to get the cores I needed to make a fleet of mklll broadswords! By which time I now have tridents on the way so they are almost defunct.

    Also many parts are just sitting around and can never be used...
    Like when on earth am I going to get a chance to use 200 harrier frigate parts ever again when I have nighthawks and a set of twenty of the harriers anyway?? (Don't ask I thought they were the key to the galaxy as a noob!)

    And please please stop giving me tier one cores from tier three strongboxes!!! Unless you want to make it so that there is a chance to get a tier three from a tier one just increase the chance of getting the flipping core you have worked so so hard for. God that scenario twists my nips!!

    And this brings me onto another point very nicely!
    (Yes it was planned don't look so surprised, I'm not a complete loon. But enough about that, that topic is in a different thread)

    Insane idea number six...(decided it was six...don't judge me)

    Let's make an addition to the game of trading things!!

    This avenue opens up all sorts of possibilities for us all within the game, including another reason to actually be within an alliance other than to finish builds a bit quicker and not get slapped around so much.
    This entire subject might as well be a post on its own but I'm going to go ahead and put it, in case I die without saying it.

    Yes a trading system sounds great but how would it be done?
    How about a trading station??? Like an ironstar trading space station where you can dock and buy things using resources, and resources using either amber coins or even selling parts and maybe even entire modules from your base!!
    Yes this does sound a lot like the black market but the difference here would be that the trading station is constant and all the items within are provided by the players of the like say you have a ton of parts you don't need for the gens. You go and sell them at the trading station for resources and you actually get something out of it...meanwhile someone else can come and buy those parts using their own resources or amber and or other parts of a similar level.
    Some restrictions will need to be put in place however here like making it only possible to buy certain items with certain currency preventing those that coin heavily from being able to effectively coin upgrades for ships.

    But how would you transfer the resources to the target???

    Insane idea number six point one running through to six point nine!
    A brand new form of flagship...
    The cargo flagship.
    You could name it the matorelium carrier! XD (see what I did there?? Combining all three resource types??)

    A carrier that is actually researchable just after you get your first rancor from research. A precursor to the midguard carrier.

    This new ship allows for some awesome things to be added into the game.

    Here's the specs for the ship.

    This is a ship that has as you expect a flagship status allowing for only one per fleet.
    But you would only be able to have one per fleet and quite possibly only this ship per fleet. For the mass as in weight of this ship will be emmense and will almost double with each mk upgrade placed upon it. Filling the current fleet bay you posses at that current level.
    But this is no ordinary ship oh no.

    This is not a thing designed for fvf. A terrible ship with only one weapon slot and two spreads of fire similar to the structure of the battleship, but its the other specs that make it special.

    With four armor slots and four tech slots and two shield this is a truely immense ship to have at such a low level, but with each upgrade it gains another two slots of armor and of special and another shield at levels three and five.
    As expected this ship is terribly slow in every aspect forward, strafe but will rotate very quickly to cover all its fronts making it even more difficult to destroy without significant damage to yourself. With forward being less than 50m a second and strafe being even less and rotation being very high at 40° per second.
    This ship has like most flagships and carriers a special effect on other ships. A beautiful 200% cargo boost on all ships under its wings as well as on itself too!
    With a reduction on the armor mass by 10% racking up to 50% by level V and the same accounting for technology attached, this is a true cargo leviathan!!
    The aim of this ship is to carry cargo resources and also items of value to and from the ironstar space trade station.(also base to base but we will come to that.
    But it needs to have some form of defence. Let's say a 150% weapon range boost.
    Its base health will be high at around 700 without any mk upgrade but will then subsequently add an additional one third each upgrade that is added.
    But it has a weird spike in its stats in that it will have a phenomenally fast sector and planet speed. I'm suggesting this so that its not just a giant sitting duck to every troll artist within this game. Let's say a lovely reasonable 600 AU'ps (you can judge this suggestion as you wish but all I know is I wouldn't want this ship destroyed ever)

    But obviously this is a ship that will be eye watering in terms of repair time. So you as a player are going to have to really really protect it. This actually means that finally we will have a use for escorting a fleet! Because I mean come on do you really want to have a repair time of like equivalent to six to seven apocs??
    No I didn't think so.

    Also this carrier has a unique ability. To enable the fleet it is attached to, to carry items of special value. So amber, parts, upgrade credits and also unopened strongboxes.
    I hear some of you saying oh no what happens if my new big, let's call it by the name I made because I like it the Matoreilum carrier is destroyed weigh these things equipped??? Will I loose my special items to the attacker??
    In most cases definitely not as in order to take your special cargo they will need to defeat you using another Matorelium carrier. And with only one weapon slot the chances of an enemy carrier beating you with such heavy armor and shields within five mins is very very slim indeed.

    But yes I hear some of you out there saying and screaming at me for providing someone the ability to drain an entire base of resources within one hit this is where my insane ideas continue.
    This carrier can't attack bases for a simple reason...

    Insane idea number seven!!

    A brand new form of module!
    The trading module. A place where if a matorelium carrier is present it docks and it transfers any special items or resources it may be carrying to the account of the player base in question over the course of five mins.

    Insane idea number eight!!

    Bearing in mind the previous ideas let's talk about a brilliant idea that has smashed against the walls of my brain for expression since I first began playing Vega.
    The Vega mother ship.
    A massive Vsec hull designed to take down all attackers.

    It arrives within the sector and patrols for half an hour looking and searching for high level fleets.

    This fleet will be of rough level 70-80 with many ships and including the mother ship itself.
    This means that players will definitely get a chance to make use of the team co op that has already been mentioned within a recent announcement
    The reward for beating this fleet will be a great deal of blood amber and providing that both players are from the same alliance that alliance will receive an iron star commendation which will give each member of the alliance a lovely little bonus share of amber. So let's say 40 for the members and full amber for the main attackers.

    Perhaps also this would also lead to an emblem being awarded to the alliance that took down the mother ship. And each time they take one down a special boost is given to that alliance...such as a 1% increase in resource production or an extra help slot within alliance help.

    Anyway feel free to judge scorn and hate down below.
    These are my ideas and yes I realise these things are massive for the game and would require several changes to be made first...but come on!
    Don't you sit there and lie that these things wouldn't be freaking awesome things to have in the game!

    Good luck Kix.
    You need anymore ideas you know my email! ;-)

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    Bump for coin confirm

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    1. clan alliance system. 
    - many clans have sub clan, so i think about alliance system. this system is management tool for leader group.

    yess, its a good idea, this can solve problems when a alliance have several sub-clans

    2. reduce repair cost and build cost for top rank clan. 
    - such as ICU, IF, EDC, GOAT, UNK, etc... this clan often is the war for ranking and medals, pride. So, if kixeye support to them, maybe the war will be increase. therefore, kixeye can get more money, this one is important to you.

    no.. no.. N-O..No..nO...NONONONO ... so you want more unbalanced the game?

    3. clan defense system. 

    - if some heavy clan get a one system(5 planet), they can make defence system, like a THAAD(Terminal High Altitude Area Defense)

    sorry mate ... but this and the last idea are for me a joke... you want give TOP alliances more power than he already have, no thanks. This is a game of all and for all; dont want to give more power to those who are at the top, think of those below also want to play and enjoy
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