Upcoming Draconian UAV changes 1/22/2016

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Greetings Captains!

I want to share some information with you regarding a high profile bug fix that will be going out in next week's release. The bug fix, and subsequent tuning changes, are related to a prominent issue with the Bomber UAV.

I'll summarize here, and you can read below if you want all the sordid details.

We will be resolving an issue that causes Bomber UAVs to sometimes deal zero damage. The fix doubles the power of the weapon, so the Drac UAV stats will be adjusted to compensate. This is not a nerf. The Bomber UAV will be as powerful as it was before the fix, so this is not a nerf.

More background to follow:

Since the Bomber UAV was released, the team has investigated many reports of issues with the weapon but were unable to consistently reproduce the exact scenario where the UAV might deal zero damage to a target. Finally, a video supplied by a player revealed a perfectly reproducible case that the team was able to use and dig deeper into.

When logs of example battles were examined, an obscure bug was found to be present with all UAVs regarding their position in relation to their intended target. At a certain point in the UAV's flight, it would be firing from a location far from the intended target. This discrepancy has likely always been present, but was not obvious with UAVs that have direct fire weapons, as they still managed to hit their target in spite of their incorrect positioning. 

The effect of the bug on a Bomber UAV, that deals splash damage, was that they were always "missing" one of their shots on the target.

When fired from a certain distance from the targeted building or ship, the Bomber UAV could be seen missing all of its shots. This was also influenced by the angle of approach, and moving the ship to one side or closer or farther from the target would result in damage once again being dealt.

The ultimate result of correcting the bug is that the Bomber UAV will now land one more hit on its target than it was before. Not only will there no longer be a situation where the Bomber UAV does not deal any damage at all, but it also will correctly land all hits on the target.

As you may have figured out already based on this information, with this fix, the Bomber UAV would become twice as effective. A change like this would dramatically throw off the balancing done by the Design team for this weapon. We do want to fix this bug so that there is never a situation where the Bomber UAV does not deal damage when it is supposed to, but we also can't double the power of the weapon without there being serious negative balance implications.

There will need to be changes made to the stats of the Bomber UAV as a result of this fix.

The goal of changes to the stats of the Bomber UAV is simple: the damage dealt by the Bomber UAV should match the damage it was dealing before the fix. As was stated above, without adjusting the stats of the UAV, it would have been dealing roughly two times the damage it was dealing before. We've made these changes so that the Bomber UAV functions exactly as it was intended to. The Bomber UAV should also be just as strong as it has been up until this point, stronger, in fact, since it will no longer have a chance to deal zero damage to a target it is firing on.

In summary, stat changes to the Bomber UAV are necessary as a result of fixing the bug causing it to sometimes deal zero damage. The stat changes are necessary because the fix to the bug allows the Bomber UAV to land an additional hit on its target, making it twice as effective as it was before. The stat changes we are going to do are not intended to be a nerf on the Bomber UAV as you know it, but rather intended to keep the Bomber UAV at the same power level it has been at up to this point.

Please note that none of these changes will have any impact on any other UAVs in the game. There should be no noticeable change to any of the UAVs we've released, save the changes to values in the stats for the Bomber UAV.

Thank you for your patience while we addressed this issue and for understanding the need to maintain the balance of released content.
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