Battle Pirates Release Notes - 1/19/16

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Greetings, Captains!

This release includes new Forsaken Mission prizes and a small improvement to VXP instant ranking.

VXP instant ranking in bulk

Players may now choose to instantly purchase VXP ranks in bundles of three ranks at a time. This should help speed up instant ranking fleets.

Forsaken Mission Prizes

Three new Elite prizes and a new Fallback Prize enter the FM this week.

Armor Piercing Shells

Armor Piercing Shells is a ship special that increases ballistic damage and reduces Pierce Decay for weapons that have this stat.

Note: Pierce Decay is the percentage by which a weapon's primary damage will decrease each time it passes through an enemy ship or building. Pierce Decay Reduction is subtractive; not multiplicative or additive.

Cadmium Solar Panels

This turret special increases Base Power when equipped.

Zynthonite Armor D5-M

This armor provides penetrating defense and adds Assault & Siege Deflection to any ship it is equipped. This deflection stacks additively to hulls that have Deflection and adds Deflection to any hull that does not have these stats. Read more about the Deflection stat here

A new limited prize enters the fallback position, the Coldsnap Rocket Turret.

The Coldsnap Rocket Turret is the limited fallback prize for reaching the Elite tier when no other prizes are available. This powerful turret will disable enemy tactical fields, auras, and overloads for 5 seconds when it hits. Ships with Unreactive are affected by this debuff.

We have also moved some items from higher tiers to a lower tier. Here is the updated FM Prize list. New items are in orange. Moved items are in blue

Tier 1 - 150,000

Phalanx Anti Missile I

Piranha Depth Charge I

Cluster Warheads I

Zynthonite Armor D2-C


Zynthonite Armor D2-R

Alloy Armor CX-3

Hailstorm Anti-Mortar C

Radiation Reflective Coating I

Firebat Drone Module I

Alloy Armor MC-3

Lead Panels I

Zynthonite Armor D3-C

Fallout Armor I

Research Token (1 Hr)

Compound Plate II

Siege Cannon D35-W

Compound Armor D5-X

Negotiator Mortar II

Speed System II

Alloy Armor MX-3

Torrent Missiles II

Cadmium Armor Alpha

Strike System III

Bypass Chaingun II

Speed System III


Battlecruiser X

Tier 2 - 2,500,000

Radiation Reflective Coating II

Firebat Drone Module II

Phalanx Anti-Missile III

Zynthonite Armor D3-R

Zynthonite Armor D4-C

Countermeasure Equipment III

Research Token (12 Hr)

Compound Plate III

Gauss Supercharger

Strike Missile D51-B

Radiation Suppressor

Reaver Chaingun III

Blitz Drones III

Explosive Plate III

SuperCharged Electromagnetic Rails I

Inferno Rockets

Assault Torpedo D63-B

Impulse Launcher D92-U

Negotiator Mortar III

Harpoon Turret

Cadmium Armor Beta

Barrel System I

Magnus Drive

Lockdown Rockets

Fuel Munitions

Speed System IV



Tier 3 - 4,500,000

Zynth Reinforcement D4-X

Fallout Armor III

Blaze Thrower

Firebat Drone Module III

Permacrete Reinforcements

Bypass Chaingun III

Locusts UAV

Shielded Tactical Systems III

Structure Build Token (24 Hr)

Compound Plate IV

Impulse Launcher D92-S

Nuclear Accelerators

Disruption Missile D53-D

Countermeasure Loader 2

SuperCharged Electromagnetic Rail II

Reaver Bulkhead

Eruption Pyre

Strike Cruiser

Radiation Reflective Coating III

Pyroclastic Turret

Sonic Targeting III

Assault Missile D53-Z

Cadmium Armor Gamma

Barrel System II


Guided Missile System

Interception System

Fusion Charger

Speed System V

Gargoyle Depth Charge II



Tier "Elite" - 50,000,000

Zynthonite Armor D5-R

Countermeasure Loader 3

Blade Missile

SuperCharged Electromagnetic Rail III

Ship Build Token (48 Hr) + bonus

Stealth Attack System IV

Cadmium Armor Delta

Magnus Drive 2

Barrel System III

Streamlined Cadmium Armor

Phalanx Anti-Missile IV

Oil Slick Trigger

Explosive System IV

UAV Battery

Cadmium Solar Panels

Zynthonite Armor D5-M

Armor Piercing Shells

Coldsnap Rocket Turret

Stay frosty, Captains!

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