Battle Pirates Release Notes - 1/12/16

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Hello, Captains…

This release includes the addition of Scourge and Reaver armors to the Retrofit Lab, data for the January Event, and additional adjustments to build times for certain weapons. Let’s take a look.

Retrofit Lab

Two new categories have been added to the Retrofit Lab: Reaver Armor & Scourge Armor.

Both armors, when retrofitted, will gain a % to repair acceleration. The higher the %, the greater reduction of time to repair these armors. Check out these additions in the game!

January Event - Revenge Raid III

The Draconians have almost completed the construction of the Mega-Hull! Drac Convoys continue to gather resources to build this beast. They’ve docked the Mega-Hull, surrounded by Defense Platforms that energize the Mega-Hull’s weapons to fire faster than normal. Defeat these platforms and sink that monstrosity to the bottom of the ocean! Revenge Raid III begins January 14th.

Check out the event briefing here

Weapon Build Time Reductions

The following weapon’s build times have been reduced to these new times:

Arbalest: 1d 20h 11m 58s --> 22h 7m 43s

Scrambler Cannon: 19h 14m 11s --> 8h 10m 14s

Siege Missile D55-Z: 15h 18m 20s --> 8h 0m 2s

Achilles Missile D55-B: 2d 5h 50m 33s --> 1h 52m 21s

Assault Disruptor D33-DR: 1d 10h 13m 25s --> 5h 47m 14s

Bug fixes & tuning

-fixed an issue where players could load into Base View while under attack by selecting the Forsaken Arena button
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