Event was to new players (Solved by SpiralValve!)

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    Kix was ending the vega riots...Dread Gharial Condor...but decided to run them one last time during this month Jan.
    I think the Vsec Riots...Lance Komoto Zeal will replace the Vega riots for the remainder of the year...
    so...the Dread Gharial Condor could be your last chance on winning these ships for awhile.
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    It is possible to do this event hitting 40-45 with Rancor battleships and a Genesis cruiser. I repeat - it is possible to do this event hitting 40-45 with Rancors and a Genesis cruiser. Daganon - it is possible to do this event hitting 40-45 with Rancors and a Genesis cruiser. In fact, an Eagle frigate can take out the 50 on it's own. Now can we please stop these complaint posts - this is by far the easiest main event I have seen in VC so far.

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    The Kiddie - you haven't read any of the above lol - also the title should have told you this is a solved issue.....
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    Backlash is an event focused on mid to high level players that only come once a month, you can tell based on the spawn rates being high vsec fleets. New players will have 6 riots> mid-endgamers 2 events in a 2 month period.

    This event was made easy for new players to yet all the tech because of how low they prized it, the thing is you got to work for it. If yoi got rancors and a genesis you can hit lv 40 vsec fleets and get the event done even getting the rag. Problem is new players dont want to or dont know how to manuel their fleet, they just want to auto spam their fleets with no skill and get the best prizes.

    Look up mannis vsec 40 video on youtube, learn to pilot and hit the 40, earn the prizes you want.

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