Bomber UAV and other Carriers Explained

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From the DEV team,

The confusion from the use of the UAV Battery with the Bomber UAV on hulls other than the Draconian Carrier stems from the fact that the Draconian Carrier has two stats that are new for UAVs. The Draconian Carrier has both a "Swarm Time Cap" and a "Chain Count" built into the hull. The result of these two stats is that any UAV equipped to the hull will only swarm around a target for the time indicated by the "Swarm Time Cap", which is one second in this case, and will chain to a new target after the "Swarm Time Cap" time has expired. The amount of times that a UAV under these conditions will chain is dictated by the "Chain Count" stat. A Draconian Carrier has a "Chain Count" of two. This is also a cap, making it so that any UAV equipped to the Draconian Carrier will only ever chain twice. This "Chain Count" can be increased by specials, the only example of this being the UAV Battery, so far. 

A UAV fired by a Draconian Carrier equipped with the UAV Battery will move to a target, fire on it for one second, chain to a new target, fire on that for one second, move to one more target, fire on it for one second, then, finally, return to the Carrier.

This differs from other Carrier hulls. In the case of a UAV fired by any hull that does not have the "Swarm Time Cap" stat, UAVs will not chain, unless the hull is equipped with a special that increases the "Swarm Range", such as is the case with the UAV Powercell. If the hull has a "Swarm Range" bonus attached, UAVs will then chain to new targets when the target they are firing on is destroyed. The amount of times they can chain is only dictated now by their "Swarm Time". If a UAV can destroy its target in 1 second, and it has a "Swarm Time" of 30 seconds, and there are 30 target within the chaining range of each other, then the UAV will chain 30 times. Adding "Chain Count" to a UAV under these conditions doesn't actually do anything, as the effective "Chain Count" for a UAV is unlimited, up to the end of its "Swarm Time".

When it comes to the Bomber UAV, it only has a "Swarm Time" of 1 second. In effect, the Bomber UAV never has time to chain to a new target: the "Swarm Time" expires shortly after it reaches its first target.

The only time that the Bomber UAV will chain is when it is paired with a load out that has a "Swarm Time Cap" and "Chain Count". When those two stats are added in, the "Swarm Time" built into the Bomber UAV is overridden and it swarms and chains based on the "Swarm Time Cap" and "Chain Count". Every UAV equipped to the Draconian Carrier will swarm for the same amount of time and chain the same number of times, as dictated by these stats.
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