Revenge Raid III - Tips & Tricks

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The Draconian Mega-Hull is nearing completion!

The Dracs have docked the Mega-Hull, surrounded by Defensive Platforms and patrolling fleets. 

While the format of the raid is similar to previous Revenge Raids in this series (A, B, C sets of Draconian Convoys; Scourge Vanguards; etc.) this time, after defeating an A, B, or C-set of targets, a Draconian Mega-Hull boss target will spawn. The spawn will be in the same level bracket as the tier you completed.

This is a two-player cooperative target. Upon entering combat with this target, you will see the Mega-Hull flanked by a series of Draconian Support ships as well as four Drac Defense Platforms.

Throughout the combat, the Mega Hull will unleash a series of missiles and mortars with an increased fire rate, powered by these Defense Platforms.

You have a choice: attack the Mega Hull directly, ignoring the ships and power platforms and deal with its faster firing Mega Weapon head on... or take out the platforms and slow the fire rate of the Mega Weapon for an easier time destroying the Hull itself.

Good luck, Captains!

Revenge Raid III begins January 14th!
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