Hit a lvl 55 base get this

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    Cascat. In the past (1 year ago) it was possible to defend your base but when you have coined the latest ships etc. from the raid 98% of the bases will be farmed. I see level 50s farm 80s and 90s it depens on which help you get from your alliance during raid and if you coin directly the new ships so it is easy to farm bases.  Kixeye is only interested in COINS so not use your papa credit card to much. 
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    You went out hitting bases and got farmed for your trouble?.. So get over it and use your repair button.   

    You got some hate mail and the bad words hurt your feelers?.. Grow up and use your iggy button.    

    Also realize that base level means nothing these days. I know lvl 80ish players with worse fleets than mine and I also know lvl 40ish players with the newest and best toys that their money could buy. Your over lvl 50 now so expect to be farmed by those with the means to do so, especially if you are going to try to farm their buddies and/or brag about your coining habits. 

    The irony here is overwhelming.
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