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Happy New Year, Captains!

Be sure to check out the recent State of the Game post from Captain Ouch here. This missive has the most recent ideas for our plans for 2016. 

This WIP will focus primarily on what’s in the pipeline for the month of January. All information subject to change.

Let’s take a look.


Sector Threat

We’re continuing to look at ways to tune and adjust for the Sector Threat feature. In addition to the level 100 Elite Salvage to help players move from Teal to Yellow, we are also working on new Armadas to help progress during Sector Threat: Yellow. More information on these targets coming very soon. 

Alliance Improvements

This long-awaited feature includes the addition of Lieutenants to the Alliance ranks and the ability for Leaders and Lieutenants to assign other Alliance members to any role.

Base Defense Fleets in the Base Planner

Another long-awaited feature becomes available in January: the ability to place Base Defense Fleets in your base layout using the Base Planner.

January Event - Revenge Raid III

For months, the Draconians have been using Draconian Convoys to protect supply ships and using these materials to construct something sinister. Now, the Draconian Mega-Hull is complete and fully functional! Defeat Convoys and face against this mammoth ship in open water. Revenge Raid III begins January 14th!

Further Armor Reductions

We plan on continuing the recent trend of rebalancing repair times with even more armor rebalances in January, effectively making repair cheaper overall.

Forsaken Mission Content

Armor Piercing Shells, Cadmium Solar Panels, Zynthonite Armor D5-M and the limited Coldsnap Rocket Turret enter the FM prize list. Armor Piercing Shells will increase ballistic damage and increase the pierce range of weapons with pierce. Cadmium Solar Panels are base special designed to increase the Power of bases. The D5-M armor will increase DPS deflection. The Coldsnap Turret will work to prevent special abilities from certain hulls, such as Overload. More info to come on these prizes. In addition, some prizes from higher tiers will be moved into lower tiers for easier access.

VXP Bulk Ranking

We’re working on a system that allows players to coin more VXP ranks at once instead of coining VXP ranks one at a time. More news to come.

R&D improvements

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the new R&D feature. We’ll be exploring possible ways to improve this feature based on your feedback. Thanks, Captains!


We’ve been toying with the idea of using R&D to unlock the ability to craft blueprints using shards and pieces or de-constructing existing blueprints for materials. So far, this idea is still in its earliest conceptual stages. I look forward to your thoughts on this subject. 

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Stay frosty, Captains!

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