Rooster's flown the coop!

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*swag voice* KEYAPTINS!

It's the most..... wonderful time...... of the YARRRR!

I'm headed home for the holidays and will be out of the office until next Monday. CS Seppkio, CS Scarlett, and the Mods will be keeping an eye on the yule log and making sure it doesn't get out of hand and burn the forums to the ground. I will be checking in from time-to-time over the next few days to make sure that you're being naughty or nice (whichever suits you best) but I may not be able to respond to your direct messages until then.

It's been quite a year so far. Can't wait to see what 2016 brings! Hope the holidays find you and your families well and safe and you get all the presents you hope for. 

Speaking of presents....... Here is a picture of a badass pirate cat with a golden gun riding a fire-breathing unicorn.
You're welcome. 

Happy Holidays!
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