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Greetings Captains,

Below is the spreadsheet used to show the most recent weapon rebalances. 

You will note there is a column for the fleet damage, structure (building) damage, wall damage, and weight for each weapon (both before and after) as well as a column for the difference. If you do not see a weapon on this list, this means the stats for that weapon were untouched during this rebalance. 

Yes, this is a lot of information. Yes, I realize this is probably not the greatest way to display this information as it is a very large spreadsheet. I will continue to work with members of our community to get something a little less bulky in front of you. 

But, for now, here is all the data for every weapon that has been recently changed. Enjoy!

(Special thanks goes out to our very own GD Raikan who provided this information to CM and the community at large. Big ups, GD Raikan! *snaps*)

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