Black Friday Sale, More Details

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We wanted to give you all some more clarity on what you'll be receiving for making these purchases, and why we aren't showing you exactly what you'll be getting:

You may notice some people are getting 30% off on gold purchases, and others are not. The users who are not getting 30% off are getting some different units, as well as larger amounts of units for their purchase. This includes more units pre-built, more types of units, and more unit unlocks.. To balance that out, users who are not getting as many units get the 30% discount on gold.

The specific units you will receive will ultimately be tailored to what you have. (ex: all the packages unlock Hover Tanks.. but if you already have Hover Tanks, this would not be something you receive). Since every user has different amounts of units currently, this makes messaging much more difficult.

What I can say is that whether or not you have a discount on gold, the amount of units you receive for a purchase is large, and many of them are pre-built. If you're a user who has missed opportunities to earn units, or have a backlog of units to build, buying this could be a great catch-up opportunity.

We'll be keeping a close eye on feedback and make adjustments should we do something like this in the future.
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