Classified Shadow ops: Maps and Patrol Paths - For Your Eyes Only! - 27 Nov 2015

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The following information is classified: For Your Eyes Only!

Our operatives have sent back recon photos of the Red Locus Shadow Ops bases.  
Theses images show the sites for Red Locus 10, 20, 45 and 70 bases.  Patrol information has been included.

Shadow Ops: Red Locus 10 base  No Patrol Detected.

Shadow Ops:  Red Locus 20 base with patrol information

Shadow Ops: Red Locus 45 base with patrol information

Shadow Ops: Red Locus 70 base with patrol information.

Shadow Ops: Red Locus 70 base  (the new revision)

Our Operatives are keeping a watchful eye on these bases to ensure that any changes made to
timing and patrol routes are updated as soon as possible.  

This is crucial information and should be shared only with your most trusted allies.  

Good Luck Commander.

This message will self destruct in 10 sec.... 

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